REDARC 25 Amp Charge Equalizer

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Install Instructions for REDARC 25 Amp Charge Equalizer

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

REDARC 25 Amp Charge Equalizer Info & Specs

Equal power, equal charge. The REDARC 25A Charge Equalizer is designed to manage a high current, 12-volt supply in a 2 battery 24-volt DC electrical system.  Power is drawn equally from one battery, rather than from a current limited device. Managing current flow between the voltages on both the upper and lower batteries means the two batteries have the same charging effort applied at all times. Avoid unbalanced batteries and the damage it can cause such as: 
  • Poor engine starting 
  • Poor operation of 12-volt loads
  • Sensitive load dropouts
  • Visible leakage of distortion of the upper batteries
  • Costly battery servicing
  • Reduced battery life 
  • Premature battery failure
With the addition of a Charge Equalizer, starting power is maintained, battery service life is returned to normal, specialty equipment runs smoothly and unnecessary down time is escaped. Additionally the CE25 features input isolation which removes the need for an input relay or isolator, making it incredibly easy to install.

  • Output Voltage: 6 - 16VDC
  • Output Current Rating (Cont.): 25A
  • Input Current (Max.): 20 - 32VDC
  • Input Fuse Rating: 40A
  • Output Fuse Rating: 40A
  • Standby Current Draw: <100mA

  • 5.91 x 4.72 x 1.46in
  • 1.5lbs

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