ARB Roller Drawer w/ Roller Floor - JL 4dr

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2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler JL 4dr

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Warning: California Residents

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

ARB Roller Drawer w/ Roller Floor - JL 4dr Info & Specs

Completely modular, the ARB Outback solutions range of drawer systems can be individually tailored to your overlanding needs. Make the most of the JL’s cargo area and maximize storage and flexibility of use with an ARB Outback Roller Drawer with Roller Floor. Due to the limited length of the factory cargo area, it is not possible to fit a fridge in the normal front/rear orientation; to overcome this limitation, the drawer is designed with an integrated roller floor top which slides out as a separate platform. Although a tight fit, a 50qt ARB Fridge Freezer can be oriented left to right across the roller floor top and rolled rearwards for easy access. 

Beyond offering massive storage capabilities, the ARB Outback Roller Drawer is purpose-made for off-road use. Featuring an anti-rollback system to make sure the drawers don’t unintentionally close when on uneven ground, like at an off-road campsite, you can be sure you’ll always have easy access to all your gear. It also comes with an advanced anti-rattle design and effortless to open and close slam shut latches, perfect for heavy on trail use! 

  • Anti Roll-Back System - Mechanisms on both the roller drawer and the roller floor that lock them in the open position preventing unintentional closing when the vehicle is on uneven ground. The mechanisms are disengaged automatically when closing. 
  • Anti Rattle - Locking mechanisms on the roller drawer and roller floor minimizes movement while closed. Retaining the drawer and roller floor in this way reduces rattle and wear and tear while driving. 
  • Purpose Folded Stainless Steel Runners - The roller drawer and roller floor bearings run on purpose folded stainless steel runners. 
  • UV Stable Commercial Carpet - Exterior surfaces are finished in hard-wearing commercial carpet and interior surfaces are trimmed in automotive trunk carpet. Both materials resist abrasion and conceal dirt in tough off-road conditions. 
  • Robust Finishes - Aluminum and ruggedized plastics are used to mirror the tough nature of the Wrangler JL. 
  • Slam Shut Latches - Slam shut/pull-open handles make opening and closing both the roller drawer and the roller floor effortless, even with hands full of gear. The roller drawer handle is key lockable, and the roller floor has a mechanical lock under the top behind the handle. The roller floor can be locked before closing and key locking the drawer to provide good security
  • Entire Product: 33in X 3in X 13in 
  • Internal Drawer: 28.7in X 25.7in X 8.6in

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