Jeep Wrangler JL Rhino Rack Backbone Roof Rack (w/ Platform) Review

If you’ve been following my channel for some time, you might remember that I did an initial install video of the Rhino Rack Backbone on my JK Wrangler a little over three years ago, and I have been running this setup on my rigs ever since. 

Currently on my diesel JL Wrangler I have basically the same setup that I initially started with, and I am still very pleased with the support and durability of this roof rack. It has (almost) never let me down through all the beatings I have given it. 

Whether you are camping, hiking, overlanding, or anything in between, this roof rack provides you with extra carrying capacity and it's extremely useful if you are planning on mounting a roof top tent. 

Roof racks are not a necessity but, if you are able to fit one into your budget, having a roof rack will expand your possibilities when it comes to setting up your vehicle for whatever adventure you seek. 


This Rhino Rack runs at about $1588 for the standard edition and $1760 for the quick release version, which is no small chunk of change, but you are absolutely getting what you’ve paid for. I've been using mine for years and it's been worth every penny. 

The entire roof rack is made from reinforced nylon and aluminum, and is coated with black powder, giving it a really nice finish. The style itself blends in with the look of the Jeep, meaning it looks good while not being overly flashy.

If you get the standard version (no quick release), it has a height of 3.25”. But if you opt for the quick release legs you'll be adding an addition 2” to the total height, which you'll definitely want to take into consideration when thinking about what you will be using this roof rack for. 

The dynamic weight capacity of this roof rack comes in at 264lbs. Dynamic weight capacity is the load that the roof rack can handle while the vehicle is in motion. You may exceed this when the vehicle is stationary, but make sure to reduce that total before hitting the trail.

The static weight capacity of the roof rack is around 800lbs. Static weight capacity is the amount the roof rack can support while the vehicle is stationary. This is something to consider if you’re throwing a roof top tent on top of this. 

Out of the box, the roof rack comes in quite a few pieces come but the directions are good and help you figure out where all the pieces go. The install itself is pretty easy and you should be able to do this in your garage with some basic hand tools. 

4 Main Components

1. Internal Structure


Richard Wooden

Date 11/3/2021

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