Is the Lifesaver Jerrycan 20000UF Water Purifier Worth $299?

Having plenty of clean water on the trail with you is absolutely essential, and for the past few months, I have been using the LIFESAVER Jerrycan 20000UF Water Purifier. This jerry can has built-in filtration and a pump, and I am going to share some pros and cons so that you can decide if this is a jerrycan you want to take on your next adventure.

Since this equipment is part of the Recon Gear Series, I am also going to give it a Recon Gear Score based on practicality, quality, and price, which should hopefully help you make a decision on whether or not it’s the right product for you.

LIFESAVER is a company that makes water and filtration systems, and this is only one variety of their jerry cans. Now, I think this jerry can has a lot of cool features that are worth talking about. To start off, this is a 4.9 gallon can that has some very durable walls, which I’ve been very impressed with. I’ve thrown this around the back of the truck, and while the plastic does have some little abrasions, it’s held up really well. (Well, except for one little thing that I’ll talk about later.)


What I do like about the can’s design is that it’s got these indentations on its exterior surface that can be used with straps to secure it in place. I was actually making use of them to put some straps on to hold it against the truck bed. It even has holes in the center that could allow for you to pull rope through and mount it that way. 

On top, it has is a very sturdy handle, and then there are two ports on each side of the handle. The port to the front is the pump and is the larger of the two, which means this is the side you would fill up with water. Now, the cool thing about this is that it’s got a filtration system which we’ll talk about, so you could put in clean (or, not so clean) water and you’re going to be okay. It has a pump system which just screws right in (it’s also your lid) and then you can unscrew the cap, which allows you to start pressurizing. The good thing here is that it doesn’t take a whole lot to pressurize and once it’s ready, you just screw the cap right back on. 

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