To redeem a gift card with your TrailRecon reward points, follow these steps:

1. Click the "Rewards Program" link located near the bottom left of your homepage and make sure you are logged into your account. 

2. Go to the "My Rewards" section. Only the gift cards you are eligible to redeem will be red, others will be greyed out. 

3. Click on the gift card you want to redeem. (FYI - only 1 gift card number can be applied to an online order at a time.)

4. Hit "Confirm", and your gift card number will appear in the text box. 

5. Be sure to enter this gift card number on our Shopping Cart page. 

FAQ's about our Rewards Program

Q: Are you adding points for purchases I made prior to the launch of the rewards program?

A: No, points can only be earned on products purchased on the website once the rewards program started (March 15, 2022)

Q. I've written a review but don't see reward points for it, how soon will I see these points added to my rewards account?

A: The points awarded for writing a review can take a couple of weeks to get added to your account.

Q. Can I use more than one rewards gift card at a time?

A: Unfortunately, our system only allows for one gift card to be applied to an online order.

Q. What happens to inactive accounts?

A: Any user whose account is at least 180 days old and has not made a purchase is subject to have their account deactivated. Inactive accounts will lose any points acquired.